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My name is Audrey, I’m a veterinarian with 20 years experience in small animal practice. That makes me feel pretty old!

I have a passion for preventative health care and obesity management in dogs, and that includes regular exercise. It’s good for their body, and it’s good for their mind. It’s also great for your relationship with your dog. I also have an interest in dog behavioural problems and how to manage them.

I have trained and competed in dog agility, obedience and also dabbled in flyball and frisbee.

I run with my Australian Working Kelpie, Guinness. He’s an awesome dog. He can run forever, but being black, he does tend to get warm in the Queensland sun. He and I both love the trails, and we’re also lucky enough not to be too far from the seashore, and that too is a great place to run.



I’m Francis, I too have a solid background in dog training and obedience. I’ve been running for years, and I love ultra events on the trails. I am also an accredited athletics coach.

I run with Cinnabar, my Australian Cattle Dog. He tends towards being a bit curvy around the middle, so I need to keep up his exercise. He’s great company on a run.

Why not send us a note and introduce yourself. We’d love to share your dog’s journey to fitness and better health.

Thanks to Tim Miller from Dreamcoat Photography for the use of these images.

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  1. Hi there, I have two whippets one 4.5 years the other is 3. My older whippet use to run so fast as they all do, but the past 6 months she has had no interest in running after her favorite ball, in fact, she will walk to her ball and then has a little spurt I have extended her back legs it doesn’t bother her I rub her back muscles which she loves she does not have long nails and. I feel so sad for her as she use to love to run. Could it be arthritis? sometimes she will sit down rather awkwardly and whippets very rarely sit down. I have read that some sort of parasite in the bowels could have some effect and she has been wormed regularly.

  2. Hi John, we also have whippets called Sherbet and Tiger, they are 12 years old now so they just enjoy a stroll now rather than a run. They really are the most delightful dogs. I’m not familiar with a parasite in the bowel that would stop a dog running without some other symptoms. I think it’s worth having her checked by a vet, some dogs do get arthritis at a young age but it’s not common, it may be some musculoskeletal pain. It might be time to have her looked at by your vet and consider seeing a physical therapy/rehab vet if nothing obvious found by your GP. Good luck!

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