Why Run With Your Dog?

Personal training for dogs. You’re kidding, right? Actually, no, we’re not. Research suggests up to 40% of our dogs are overweight, and they suffer from the same health complications that overweight people do. Veterinarians (including myself) are becoming more and more concerned about the increase in joint pain, heart disease and other obesity related illnesses in dogs. Hence, Pooch to 5k. Dogs can’t lift weights, or use the gym. If you’re going to increase their fat burning, you need to increase the intensity of their exercise. This means that a daily stroll just won’t cut it any more, it’s too laid back. The Pooch to 5k program will help you get your dog from doing nothing much to comfortably running 5km, over a period of 12 weeks.

Because you’ll be running with your dog, you’ll also get a great workout three times a week, as you train yourself to run 5km. Why not subscribe to our dog health and fitness newsletter and grab your dog, and you’re ready to go!


Pocket Rockets: Small Dogs That Run Like Big Ones


Jack-RussellFor many people having a small dog is the most practical way to experience the love of man’s best friend, whether it be because of space limitations, budget constraints or just having fallen in love with a particular small puppy (I am personally an absolute sucker for the Tenterfield Terrier). But even for the most avid runner, small dogs can make excellent partners and a few in stand out as mini-athletes.

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell is an extremely popular breed of small terrier, well known for their intelligence and active nature. Originally bred in England to flush foxes out from their underground homes during hunts, the Jack Russell was specifically bred to be a small dog that could keep up with larger hunting hounds on the run, giving it unique traits for a small breed. Their fearless natures means that you should be careful when running with them as they won’t be afraid to enter a melee with much larger dogs. The Jack Russell is actually one of the most durable running mates and can actually run for much longer than many other breeds. They are generally short haired making them capable in hot conditions.

Toy Poodle

Known more for as a beauty dog, to pamper and own as a status symbol, the Poodle is actually an admirable runner. Much quicker than most people would give them credit for and full of beans, the actual reality of poodle ownership is in stark contrast to the perception. Poodles were originally bred to be retrieving dogs so they are an active breed. Like all dogs, they are susceptible to arthritis in later life, which can be reduced  with good weight control and exercise.

Tenterfield Terriertenterfield

The Tenterfield Terrier is a close relative of the Miniature Fox Terrier and Jack Russell and has similar characteristics.  These breeds were bred to flush out rats and other vermin out from their hiding places and have a fearless and tenacious nature. They are athletic and although their legs are short, they cover the ground well.

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog or “Sheltie” is the smallest breed of herding dog, that is thought to be descended from small specimens of Scottish Collie and King Charles Spaniel. In appearance it definitely has resembles a small Collie, which gives it another nickname, the “Miniature Collie”. As a herding dog they require plenty of energy and so make excellent running buddies. While preferring herding and doggie sports, taking them on regular runs will provide plenty of stimulation for them and their obedience is remarkably high for their size group, meaning they are easy to run with.

So don’t discount the little guys. Some of them run even harder and longer than the big ones, and combined with high intelligence make excellent doggie running companions.

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My Leonberger and I have been beaten by a Yorkie (!!!!) for two years in a row at a local dog/human running race, Hounds and Harriers!


That doesn’t surprise me 🙂 I keep thinking of Charlie, the Westie we featured on this site in the past, and his 1.44 half marathon would put our two big dogs to shame. Small dogs rock!


I have ran with my miniature Dachshund many times. While true that his max distance was about 4 miles at a constant run (to walk breaks), he is a fast little bugger. I don’t run as much these days but we go on huge hikes. We just did one that was 5 miles (round trip) with about 4,00o feet of elevation gain.


That’s great. People underestimate small breeds but they can be very tidy runners. Bet you’re both having fun 🙂


My running buddy (Bindee) is a 6-year old, 13-pound Chihuahua/Terrier/Shih Tzu mix, and she lights up every time we start running! With that said, running our first 5K, we got beat by a miniature long hair Dachshund that was less than half her size. My Sheltie, however is NOT interested! If the running doesn’t have a “play” purpose, he will not run at all.

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